About us

RICHIER ENGINEERING is a consulting firm specialized in machining and industrialization.

We support our customers in the implementation of their projects in machining, industrialization, industrial transformation, investments etc.

Our diverse experiences on several companies from different types and sectors, as well as on different countries, allowed us to acquire the flexibility that is required to deal at the best with our customer issues, and the large capacity for adaptation to all structures.

We are committed to our customers to be independent regarding the selection of the suppliers, partners or technical solutions. Our decisions are taken objectively and only aiming of meeting entirely our client's expectations.

Of course we ensure the confidentiality of information we own during and after the completion of our mission.



Workshops management optimization.

Cutting tools management optimization.

Optimization of your production processes.


Management of industrialization projects with your national and international customers up to the start of series production in your workshops.

Management of internal projects in machining, industrialization, continuous improvement, industrial transformation etc.


Fine-tuning of parts with the production teams in your workshops.

Solving of machining issues.

Programming and optimization of machining operations.

Definition of the best manufacturing process/method of production


Formation :
Materials and Mechanical Engineer, University of Technology of Troyes, France

Presentation :

Motivated by technical challenges of production and machining, I created my firm in order to bring my skills and know-how to help you to carry out your projects and your business.

I accompany your teams in the implementation of your machining, industrialization, industrial transformation or investments projects.

My professional background in France and abroad, particularly in China, has enabled me to develop a large capacity for adaptation to all teams in different cultural environments.

During my career I have worked in various industrial sectors such as automotive, aeronautics or cutting tools industry, in production workshops or design offices. This diversity of industrial overview and working methods has enabled me to arouse my technical and organizational curiosity.

By my experience in diverse environments, such on the sector level than on the geographical area level, I am highly convinced that the working methods and tools are adaptable in order to match as best as possible the expectations of your company and find solutions to your issues.

Independence and various experiences offer an innovative and impartial view on your production challenges.

Clément Richier

Machining & Industrialization Engineer

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